PLAY! AMSTERDAM is the most-have playground guidebook for parents and care-givers living in or visiting Amsterdam.

This practical and beautifully designed book shows you where more than 400 playgrounds are located within the A10 ring road, below Het Ij river. It tells you what you'll find at each playground, provides an indication of skills level, and recommends the best climbing frames, slides, features and playgrounds around.

CURIOUS? Take a look at the screen shots below for a sample of what you'll find inside. It's the perfect book to toss in your bag when you're on the go with kids!

Playground description pages

The description of each playground includes location information, a high quality photograph, skill level indicator, list of play equipment and additional facilities, a description and opening times.

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Full Colour Black & White
Map of Amsterdam

The front and back covers both fold out to reveal a full colour map of Amsterdam inside the A10 ring road, south of Het Ij river. The map includes markers for all 410 playground, indicating where they are located, what size they are and which are especially recommended.

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Note: - The viewing quality here is not ideal, in print this image is much brighter and clearer!

Full Colour

The front cover is beautifully designed with images of some of the best pieces of play equipment in the city.

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Full Colour

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